Officers & Board Members


President: Lis Geoghegan

President-Elect: Brendan Tedrick

Secretary: Erin Altieri

Treasurer: Ronald Ritter

Past President: Jeannine Hobbes

Board Members


Lindsay Orcutt (1st term)


Anthony Candela (2nd term)

Sue Lederer (1st term)

Linda Wiecek (1st term)


Erin Codd (2nd term)

Ryan McNerney (2nd term)

Meghan Fink (1st term)

Caitlin Graham (1st term)

Shannon Gonzalez (1st term)

Frankie Marcille (1st term)

Darcy Meyer (1st term)

Officers serve a 2-year term, with the President-Elect committing to 6 years: 2 years each as President-Elect, President, and Past President. The Secretary and Treasurer may run for the same office at every election (no term limits). Officers are elected on even years.

Board members serve a 3-year term, beginning at the close of the Plenary meeting where they are announced, and concluding at the close of the Plenary meeting 3 years later. Board members may serve 2 consecutive terms. These elections are typically held each year, as the board is comprised of members with overlapping terms.